Rompetrol Petrochemicals

Rompetrol Petrochemicals, member of the Rompetrol group, is one of the the most dynamic and innovative company for the production and distribution of olefins in Romania. Rompetrol Chemicals became, at the end of 2002,  a distinctive entity of Rompetrol Group at the end of 2002, once the production of polymers was separated of the refining activity in the Petromidia Complex.

The company is the sole polypropylene producer in Romania and has constantly succeeded to increase its market share on secondary categories of products. Its dynamic development strategy has secured Rompetrol Petrochemicals a competitive position on the domestic market and on the regional one – the Black Sea and Mediteranean region and the Eastern and Central Europe.

The Petrochemical plant on Petromidia platform was built in the ‘80s, using both Romanian and foreign technologies (UOP, Mitsui, Snamprogetti, Heat Research Corporation, Pullman Kellogg, etc.) and it is currently the most modern one in Romania.